B2B With strong admin panel

B2B module has a fully flexible search panel that allows the travel agent to search itineraries and give the best rate to customers. The result display with details of commission helps them to sell the tickets which are more profitable to the agency.  A user friendly dashboard will help the travel operator to deal with the request coming from sub braches and other agencies linked to main branch.

A B2B module enables the Travel Agency to create multiple numbers of Sub branch and Sub agency Login for the business operation. The Sub branch and Sub agency login can be provided with credit limit with or without date range and with deposit limit. Provision for the entire control of the booking engine including sub agency or sub branch control is provided in the application.

  • Management Created Main Branch (Option to create multiple main branch is provided)
  • Create Sub Agency, Sub Branch and In-house
  • Create Users
  • Create Office Admin/Manager
  • Create Counter/Office Staff
  • Create Support Staff/Call Center Staff
  • Create Accounts Staff Create Sub Agency Admin/Manager
  • Create Sub Branch Admin/ Manager
  • Create Corporate Travel Admin/Manager ( Send Messages to Sub Branch and Sub Agency through the Portal)

Through this section the B2B admin can create unlimited B2B agents and In-house departments and can create staff/employee login for each one for the business execution. The user can be created on the predefined roles each having specific permissions to perform their own activities/duties.  

System Settings

In this section the Admin can configure the important settings of the system such as API, Credit Card and Payment Gateway.

  • API Settings 
  • Payment Gateway Settings (To set the service charge and to activate and deactivate it) 
  • Airline Wise API Settings (Applicable only for Flight property) 
  • Credit Card Settings (Applicable only for Hotel property)
Fare Management

This section will help the admin to control the fare as per the business operation. Multiple options are provided to set mark up and to provide discounts. Service Tax and Markup Tax setting are also provided in this section.

  • Service Tax Settings
  • Markup Tax Settings
  • Supplier CommissionSettings
  • Markup Settings
  • Discount Settings
Transaction Management

This provision allow the Admin/ Office Staff to process the request from Sub Agency and Sub Branch such as ticketing, cancellation request and refunding process

  • Transaction Queue Report
  • Cancellation/Refund

Reports section will give detailed information regarding the number of booking and the profit gained from each booking. This will support the accounts department to complete the accounting works in a hassle free manner and to analyze the business growth.

  • Daily Sales
  • Transaction
  • Billing History
  • Booking Count
  • Segment Count Reports
  • Account Summary (Credit or Deposit limit status of  Sub Branch or Sub Agency)

B2C Travel booking system

Caxita provides a 24/7 booking portal which is highly user friendly and fully browser compatible and loaded with high end technologies like Microsoft WCF technology, Microsoft Cache Control Architecture, Advanced Thread Concept.

For B2C portal caxita will be providing a website with few sub-pages and the website homepage,the booking engine will be integrated.

  • Guest User Registration and Login
  • Call Center/Customer Support Contact Number
  • Customer Feedback Section
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Links to Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter etc..

In the Home page Caxita will be integrating the booking engine either with a single property or with multi properties as per the client requirements.

Search Facility for Flight
  • From and To Destination
  • Depart and Return Dates
  • One Way and Round Trip option
  • Number of Pax (Number of Adults, Children and Infants)
  • Class Preference
  • Direct Flight
  • Option to select preferred Airline
  • Search by near by dates
Search Facility for Hotel
  • City
  • Check in Date and Check out Date
  • Number of Rooms
  • Number of Passenger (Number of Adults and Children)
  • Number of days

Results will be listed in this page for the particular search for a particular property. Additional to the result, there will be an option to filter the result based on certain parameters and provision will be provided for search modification.

Flight Search Result Page:
  • Flight with Number, Logo and Operating Vendor
  • Departure Time and Arrival Time
  • Booking Class
  • Total Duration of Travel
  • Number of Connections
  • Airport Terminal
  • Fare Rules
  • Fare Summary
  • Refundable/Non Refundable
  • Baggage Capacity and Meal Information
  • Option to proceed with booking
Filtering Options
  • Filter by Departure Time
  • Filter by Price
  • Filter by Airlines
  • Filter by Number of Connections
  • Filter by Refundable/Non Refundable
Modify Search Options
  • From and To Destination
  • Depart and Return Dates
  • One Way and Round Trip option
  • Number of Pax (Number of Adults and Children)
  • Class Preference
  • Direct Flight
  • Option to select preferred Airline
Hotel Result Page
  • Hotel Name with Image and Select Room Option
  • Hotel Overview and Description
  • Hotel Amentias  and Photos
  • Hotel Room Type
  • Hotel Star Rating
  • Hotel Room Rate
Hotel Filtering Option
  • Filter by Star Rating
  • Filter by Hotel Name
  • Filter by Hotel Price
Modify Search Option
  • City
  • Check in Date and Check out Date
  • Number of Rooms
  • Number of Passengers (Number of Adults, Children and Infants)

Guest Users need to reconfirm the selected property to proceed with booking. Here the users are getting an opportunity to reevaluate the selected property before a booking is made.

Flight Details Page
  • Itinerary Details (From and To Location, Date of Travelling, Airline Number and Number of Passengers)
  • Fare Split Up
  • Option to go back to the result page
  • Book flight
Hotel Details Page
  • Hotel Details (Hotel Name, Number of Passengers, Room Type, Check in date and Check out date,  Average Rate/Night, and Total Price)
  • Fare Split up
  • Option to go back to the result Page
  • Book Room

Already registered guest users can Login here using their Username and Password if not logged in from the home page. If the user is not a registered customer option is provided in the same page to register to proceed with booking.

  • Username
  • Password
  • Title
  • First and Last Name
  • Mobile Number and Landline Number
  • Mail ID and Reconfirm Mail ID
  • City, State, Pin Code, Country and Address

Here the user needs to enter their personnel information to further proceed with booking. The information may vary based on the policies of each property booking requirements.

Flight Booking

Flight booking fields of Passengers will vary based on Domestic and International Travel, but the booking person’s fields will remain the same.

Booking Person’s Details
  • Title, First Name and Last Name
  • Mobile Number, Land Line Number
  • City, State, Pin Code, Country and Address
Lead Passenger/Other Passengers Details
  • Title, First Name and Last Name
  • Mobile Number, Land Line Number
  • City, State, Pin Code, Country and Address
  • Passport Details (Applicable for International Travel)
  • Visa Details (Applicable for International Travels)
Other Options/Fields
  • Auto fill of the Lead Passenger Details
  • Special Service Request Settings
  • Frequent Flier Number
  • Terms and Conditions Agreement
  • Proceed with Payment
Hotel Booking
  • Passenger First Name
  • Passenger Last Name
  • Mobile/landline Number
  • Mail Id
  • Billing Address, City
  • State, Country, PIN/ZIP Code
  • Book Hotel

In this page the user will select the method of payment based on the payment gateway options for the booking.

Flight Booking
  • Fare details split up
  • Payment options
Hotel Booking
  • Fare details split up
  • Payment options

B2C Users will get the ticket/Voucher after successful completion of the payment process.

  • Print Ticket (Flight)
  • Print Voucher (Hotel)
  • My Booking
  • Upcoming Trips
  • View Details
  • Print Ticket/Voucher
  • Request to Cancel Booking
  • Completed Trips
  • Edit Profile/Change Password

Mobile Apps

It is the era of Mobile Applications. All major online business ventures started providing their services in Mobile Platform as well. As part of this we have created mobile application for flight and hotel which is highly customizable based on client requirements.

Key Features of the Mobile Application

  • Supports multiple GDS and LCCs
  • Supports multiple Hotel APIs
  • Clean design and light weight design for easy loading
  • Supports multiple Payment Gateways
  • Faster search result for flight and hotel
  • Easy filter and sorting options
  • Easier navigation options to other page
  • Compatible to I Phone, Android and Smart Phones

GDS Itinary retrieval System

Caxita Itinerary is an add-on application runningusing Galileo GDS that allows users to produce itineraries for pnrs that are resident on the Galileo systems. The itineraries produced can be emailed, printed or copied to 3rd party applications such as MS-Word. It allows a great deal of flexibility in the presentation of itineraries. This flexibility is achieved through the use of different layouts (HTML and plaintext) and a set of other options.

  • Software supports both Arabic and English.
  • Edit the fare and add markup to the itinerary.
  • Print or Email the ticket with or with out price.
  • Export the ticket to MS word or MS outlook.
  • Ticket can be print/email fully in Arabic language.
  • View itinerary in html or text formats.
  • Email/print/ save as a file of itineraries, individually or as a group in html or plain text.
  • Ability to add corporate logos, header and footer text.
  • Change the ticket format content as per company policy.
  • Selectability of one or more passengers and eTickets.

Customized Software Solutions

We cater to all of your software needs. We offer you our custom-made software solution to meet your business requirements and to help your business. The mission of Caxita is to enhance the output, performance, and the worth of your business. This will help you manage your business efficiently and provide excellent service to your customers.

When our esteemed customers rely on us for their software solution needs, we not only meet their software objective but also help them attain a larger ROI. This helps in strengthening a two-way relationship. In addition to building your self-assurance, it also increases the confidence of your customers on you.

  • HR Application
  • College & Library Management
  • Accounting & Finance Application
  • e-payment system
  • Project management system
  • Other software products
  • Networking Cabling - Network Admin, Capacity management, and performance monitoring and load follow up
  • Computer room preparation and cablings
  • Electronic services port lets and units
  • Providing Consultancy services
  • Finger Print and Security systems
  • IVR IP telephony
  • Software packages
  • Office and libraries software
  • Scientific software
  • Finance Software
  • HR software
  • Operating system and software
  • Engineering software
  • Graphic and image processing software
  • Statistic software
  • Mutimedia technology software
  • Networking cabling
  • Network admin, capacity management , and performance monitoring and load follow up
  • Computer room preparation and cablings
  • Electronic services portlets and units
  • Smart building equipment
  • IT research and studies
  • Providing consultancy services
  • Providing Human specialists
  • Information security and privacy
  • Protecting packages
  • Security & privacy software
  • Monitoring and control system
  • Reading / printing devices and smart id solutions
  • Electronic authentication and electronic ID`s
  • Intrusion detection prevention system (IDPS)
  • Finger print system
  • IVR IP telephony
  • e-payment system
  • Project management system
  • Technical support administration systems and virtual infrastructure admin systems